November 17th, 2008

Sea dragon

Final day in Morocco; Jardins Majorelles

We're killing the hot part of another slack day at the Jardins Majorelles, which are much more gardeny (full of pathways and places to sit) than the Agdal (which was more of a thousand acre orchard with a pool in the middle). This garden is full of cactus and other succulents, as well as too-rich tourists slumming during the slow bits of the film festival. We ate lunch for some £5 today - sausages, omelette, bread, salad, water - then had some kid hassle us for a similar, outrageous amount for getting us out of the souk. Of course, once we got to this garden it was rip-off city time: £5 for a juice and £3 for mint tea. This can be a fantastically cheap place to visit but the feeling of being seen as the white wallet waiting for a shakedown is difficult to escape. On the other hand, we bought a set of pillows for our couch today that seemed nearly free - and some olives that at £1.50 the kilo surely were. They'll go nicely with the duty-free gin we picked up at the airport, I think.picture.jpg

You know what's odd? We've only been online once in five days. I do actually miss being able to keep up with people via LJ (imperfect medium that it is) but I have been talking with J so much that I haven't once been bored. And bathtubgin, there's a lot of things I wish I could do for you that I can't, but I was inspired by our trip to the hammam to pick something up for you. I hope you like it.