November 26th, 2008


Tutoring, tax rates, theater

I just spent half an hour tutoring some 8 year olds in French at an elementary school near where I work. Man, it was exhausting! They had nothing structured to work with so I was just winging it for the whole time, trying to string the 12 vocabulary words they had into an entire lesson. I am feeling excited about being a volunteer again, though - I can't believe I started the process to do this back in August and am only now having my very first session! (It's supposed to be bi-weekly but due to work having training next time, I can't do it again until January.) Now I'm wolfing down the lasagne J cooked up Sunday night.

Everyone at work is freaking about the change in the VAT right now (tax percentage going down Sunday night). We've had a four day code freeze planned for this weekend for months so we could migrate our servers, and we are just not being able to find the time to squeeze this work in on top of the migration, or to do it fast enough before the migration. Solution: if the tax percentage were only set up as a config file instead of hard coded ... in the first place ... instead of changing it to a config file NOW ... then it would take about two hours. Oh well. Shame really that I can't fit any over time in because I could sure be making bank this weekend.

We're about to start Ten Days of Theater, as my uncle shows up tonight and will be forcing us, yes, forcing us to see show after show with him. We'll start with the ballet tonight, then August: Osage County Friday (SO excited about this!), then Cinderella (panto) at the Lyric Hammersmith on Saturday, Riders to the Sea at ENO on Sunday (and pinochle in the evening - anyone want to be a fourth?), blessed rest on Monday, then A Little Night Music, Gesthemane (if we can get day seats), the new Neil La Bute play at the Almeida, Mother Goose at the Hackney Empire, possibly a matinee of Sunset Boulevard on Saturday, and then Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea at the Battersea Arts Centre. Whew! Then it will be nothing at all but FLAT HUNTING until we go to New York. I will be theater-ed out, that's for sure!