December 5th, 2008


Is being busy SAD's kryptonite?

This has been the first year in ages where I haven't had my usual bout of bitter raging against the dying of the light. Perhaps it's my half-baked window at my office, but the fact is that the sun is setting as early as it always does in December and I haven't been going stark raving mad with the unfairness of it all. In fact, I've hardly had time to notice. I remember one weekend when it was raining and cold and I couldn't be bothered to get off of the couch, much less go outside, but generally I have been doing quote well, fairly full of energy (unless I've been depressed, which has not been related to weather but to other things).

Was it the five days in a sunny clime? Is it the window? Was it the apartment hunting? Has this fall just been really sunny? Is my apartment so nice that the time I've spent there, eating fattening food and keeping warm, just not made me feel like I was losing out? At any rate, I can't believe the winter solstice will be here in just barely two weeks - to me, it seems like it should be still another six!