December 10th, 2008


This is actually the end of fall, not the end of winter

The sun is rising and all of the sky to the right of my apartment is pink and orange and it's beautiful. I get the feeling that it's very cold out there, though.

I had some strange dreams last night (they always are when you can remember them). One had a dancing mushroom a la Fantasia bouncing around to all of the messy places in my house and making more mushrooms grow. The second had seph_hazard over playing cards, but I caught her trying to smoke at the table and asked her to leave. This is especially odd as I can't imagine her either being so impolite or playing cards. And for some reason I didn't dream about Mexican wrestlers at all. Go figure

A Christmas Quacktacular

The butcher across the road (Theobalds Road Butchers) have whole ducks for £3 each.

I have bought two. I will make one tonight and one tomorrow.

I shouldn't be so excited about this but I am.
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