December 18th, 2008


Laying in bed doing The Calculation

Awakened at 6 AM by two restless so and so's - one feline, the other supine (in three different positions - no, five - six - AARGH!). Sorta fell back asleep about ten minutes before I needed to wake up. Do I need to go into work today? Can I call in ... meetings, do I have ...

Oh yeah. I have a huge box of Christmas presents I'm expecting to show up today. Bah. In I must go.

In other news, I finished my review of shadowdaddy's "Christmas Carol." It's already sold out through Christmas, which means he might actually be paid. If you'd like to see it and you're feeling skint, there's a half price ticket deal valid "16 Dec – 4 Jan at 6.30pm, weekend and midweek matinees." Call the box office on 0870 890 0149 and quote Evening Standard offer (if you can stomach it, but to save 15 pounds I suspect many of us must).

Hi ho, work. Bleah. I want to sleep until ten then pack for my trip.

This time tomorrow I'll be in New York

I swear I just don't get a chance to get a breather even. Work today rushed by as I was trying to leave at 3:30 - but I needed to write a manifesto for my team AND pack my desk and do all of those last minute leaving things. And my Hotel Chocolat order never showed up, AND I got pulled into a meeting at 3:30. And then we still had to go to London Bridge to buy Sekrit Prezzies AND then make it to a second secret present buying location before they closed at six. WHOOSH.

Have spend the night cleaning, buying last minute presents, wrapping less recently bought presents, eating, and paying attention to Boo, who seems to suspect something is up.

Now I need to pack. Aargh!

The schedule in NY looks like this:
Friday: arrive, drop off luggage, eat real New York Pizza, see play Dance Dance Revolution with thedivas
Saturday: goof off daytime, pizza for lunch. see South Pacific in the evening
Sunday: spend day with thedivas, likely have some pizza
Monday: day free, pizza lunch, evening ellen_kushner's The Klezmer Nutcracker with thedivas
Tuesday: day unsure, evening City Ballet's Nutcracker with my brother and sister in law evening at the gay Colombian bar.
Wednesday: head to Peekskill for Christmas eve with my SIL's family
Thursday: lazy day, cookies and eating
Friday: back to NYC, the entertainment options are myriad, possibly Gypsy or maybe Forbidden Broadway after some pizza.
Saturday: spend day with brother in law and sister outlaw, hopefully ending up at the Korean wing dome for wings and Karaoke
Sunday: God knows. I'm guessing I may want to have some pizza.
Monday: also in the air. Pizza for dinner.
Tuesday: back to Fair Albion, likely with a pizza or two hidden in my bag, as well as some melatonin, maple syrup, corn tortillas, and new clothes.

God, can I procrastinate or what? MUST PACK!