December 20th, 2008


Online and COLD! Christmas in New York, day 1

Well, we arrived in the snow, and it continued to snow. And it's STOPPED but WOW! Snow snow snow! Thank God that we've got no time driving in the snow scheduled.

Despite the madness on the roads (it took an hour to get to the apartment we're staying at, thanks to snow and rush hour at the same time - and we should have skipped the taxi, probably, or told him to take a different route, but we didn't know, and really, big suitcases on the subway during rush hour also not so great), we did make it downtown in time to meet the_divas and see Dance Dance Revolution. My guess was that this play was a lot like what "Saucy Jack and the Space Vixens" was supposed to be like - very camp and silly, but with PILES of people dancing in a most hysterical style (yes, borrowed from the video game) and all of them wearing mostly glitter. One girl was wearing silver short shorts and had two silver stars drawn on her (toned) butt cheeks. (The story: in a future world where dancing is banned, Moonbeam Funk - not Mooncup Butterbeam, as I later remembered his name - comes from another planet to bring back the power of DANCE to the sad youth of the world. Fights with the authorities ensue. Good wins, after a dance battle to the death - on trampolines.)

Now I am starving and really wish we'd bought some food for the apartment last night, but everything (except the scariest corner shops) was closed when we came back home last night (at around 11:30 so we did a good job of pushing through the jet lag - not that I don't feel strung out right now). We got up at 10ish and we're supposed to be meeting the_divas around noon. I wish like hell we had a US cell phone, but I sure don't want to look for one before we eat, and I don't want to lay out $50 for a phone we're only going to use for a week. Tonight we're seeing South Pacific, and after getting my tickets last night I was REALLY EXCITED to see we'd got them below face value! They were super expensive as even new tickets were $90/$130, and apparently we got the $130 seats - must have been a desperation sale. So now instead of sitting there going "OMG these seats were so f**king expensive" (which is how I felt when I paid for them, it was really too much money no matter what), my feeling is "OMG I got these at a discount," which will distract me from my feelings of financial doom. That can wait until the bill arrives.

One note: the apartment here is full of presents J's relatives have been sending here for us, as well as the stuff we'd ordered to wrap and give away once we got here. This included some stuff we actually bought for us, and, as I speak, I'm sitting here wearing a pair of cute red velvet slippers I got from Land's End. I deliberate left my old ones (that are kind of disintegrating - the soles stick to the tile in the kitchen) at home, and I was VERY happy to be able to put these on when we got back to the apartment last night.

And ... New York for Christmas! I hadn't considered it before, but it sound kind of cool, doesn't it? The energy here is really cool - it feels better and more alive than any place I've been to in Europe other than, maybe, the streets behind Oxford Circus - maybe it's all of the people running around doing their Christmas shopping. It's cool here. :-)
Christmas tree

A note to Santa, and to you

Dear Santa: I just discovered I want this. Perhaps you can leave it for me in a bookstore in NYC so I can buy it and take it home with me?

For the rest of you: I hate Orange, especially its customer service. I want a cell phone provider with a family plan, some kind of deal where we can both use phones and pay one bill. Any recommendations? My contract with them is OVER and I will NOT be renewing.