December 23rd, 2008


Who will buy these wonderful tickets

We need to find someone to take a pair of tickets to the ballet tonight. Unfortunately since it's at 6 thedivas can't make it. On the other hand, it's a good thing I found out it was at six, as otherwise we wouldn't have made it either!

We're off to Trader Joes now. Life is a mystery at present. No idea what the 24th and 25th holds.
Sea dragon

Rather not much of a day so far

Yahoo headline: Stranded Seattle travelers finally flying out (AP). Unfortunately it's a little too late for some of them!

We've spent a lot of today getting our plans sorted for Christmas and Christmas eve now that my brother and family are not going to be here. So far the plan is Christmas eve with thedivas (was going to be Christmas Day dinner but she changed about ten minutes ago when she realized we were going to be sitting around the apartment by our lonesomes, bless her heart), then Christmas dim sum with wordknitter's folks, who are coming over here from Peekskill (saving us the train trip, and also the hassle of carrying the big gift box that's at their place), then, possibly, an evening trip to see Forbidden Broadway (if we can stomach the ticket prices).

Today the only thing we've really done besides talk on the phone (ooh, my brother Skyped us and it was _just like the Jetsons_ because he had the webcam going) and email and IM people is go shopping, mostly for groceries (oh, Trader Joes, oh Trader Joes, oh snacky treats unending ...), but also to two thrift stores (a Salvation Army and a Goodwill) where I looked for a leather jacket that fit me and had all of its buttons on it (mine's lost a second since we've been here, and it's the only coat I've got with me). Fortunately the weather is quite a bit warmer than it was yesterday (the snow is melting on the sunny side of the street) so it's been nice to be out walking. I've bought tickets for the tenement museum for tomorrow at 2; I think it will be much more fun to do after I've actually had a day when I got my batteries a bit more charged.