December 24th, 2008

Sea dragon

Looks like I missed going to the museum this morning

Oops. I spent too much time writing my review of the Klezmer Nutcracker last night and didn't get to bed until midnight. That means I pretty much missed my chance to see the Noguchi museum unless I go on Saturday. What's sad is that I'm still insanely behind on my reviews - I've got four more to write up. Aaargh! What am I doing when I get back to the flat?

My Christmas message to all and sundry can be pretty safely considered to be this long editorial by Polly Toynbee, which I'll summarize as, "Why do religious people think they are better than us? This is crap."

I guess part of the reason I wasn't spending all of last night typing away is because I was making plans to meet up with koaloha on Friday. She also recommended Dim Sum Gogo for our Christmas brunch with wordknitter's mom and dad. Christmas night I'd like to see about seeing a play (Forbidden Broadway) and then going to a piano bar. koaloha recommended "Marie's Crisis," Sue recommended The Duplex. Maybe we can see both somehow. We've also been invited to hang out with Michael Sullivan, an old friend of ours from Phoenix (so really back in the day). This looks like it's going to turn into brunch on Saturday, which I was already planning on doing, only it will be more fun because it will be with someone instead of just us.

Yesterday our big do was going to the Nutcracker at Lincoln Center (I kept typing "Lincold," which makes me think I've been using the word "cold" rather a lot lately). We were running behind thanks to the overly long trip to Trader Joe's and didn't have time for dinner again (thus meaning slices once more - sure is a cheap way to feed ourselves!) - well, actually, we could go but instead we went to a shop to pick up a copy of Agricola, which I thought might be a good way to entertain thedivas's household while we were over. (If I got a copy of it for Christmas from someone else I will be very embarrassed.) Our seats were awesome and I even managed to sell my brother's tickets, albeit for about half face value - so now I can send them a little Christmas present in return. I'll do a full writeup of the ballet later, I promise.

Wow - 36° and raining outside. We've got tickets to the tenement museum at 2 PM but I don't really feel motivated to do much else. I guess that means it's time to make breakfast.
Sea dragon

Christmas eve thoughts

We spent the only productive part of today looking at the reconstructed apartments of two Jewish immigrant families who lived in lower east side tenement buildings during the great wave of Jewish immigration into the states. I was fascinated with the whole Tenement Museum project - it was kind of like a much more thorough version of the Dennis Severs house, but still with the magic intact.

Based on how tomorrow is going, I'm thinking it would be great to start a new Christmas tradition of biscuits and gravy for breakfast (biscuits from Popeye's, gravy courtesy of the sausages I bought at the really expensive grocery store across the way) and dim sum for lunch. That's most of what we'll be doing. Afterwards we'll be listening to drag queens sing and maybe even making it to a piano bar.

Now we're off to thedivas's for a Christmas even dinner. I'm so grateful we have somewhere to go and some people to spend it with. I've even got a copy of Agricola I bought yesterday for us to figure out how to play. I tried whipping up some stuffing with a kitchen that's not really stocked to do it, but I think she won't mind the randomness of it all. And with luck shadowdaddy won't mind that he's only got one little present from me to open - everything else is lost in transit. *sigh* Oh Christmas snow, how much you've screwed me over.

Miss you all - see you again in a week.