March 3rd, 2009

Sea dragon

Work is interrupted; I go to the circus

Probably the best thing that happened to me today was when the fire alarm in my building went off at 5:20. I was planning on sitting around killing time until I had to be at dinner at 6, but NO! Fate had other plans! And thus I found myself having a glass of red wine at Sfizio's at 5:35, which, I tell you, was much better than sitting around on my computer at work for the half hour I had remaining.

Afterwards I went (as planned) to Ah King to meet wechsler for dinner. We were shortly joined by Cate WINOLJ, and then the three of us went to the Peacock Theatre were djm had dragged himself from his sickbed to join us (I was tremendously impressed at the effort and expect he's already collapsed in bed) watching Traces/Les Sept Doigts du Main. Now, I would have much preferred that dreamsewingmiko was with us as planned, especially since she'd picked such excellent seats, but we did all have a really nice time, especially Cate, who had no idea what she was in for and got to go as a treat.

Overall, it was a good evening - basically things went straight up from 5:20 onwards and were only brought down a little bit by the rain that soaked me on the way home. Still, the clothes will dry, and I consider this to have been a good evening, which will be improved by my getting a good 8 hours of sleep.