March 10th, 2009

Silent Movies

"A Fool There Was" and "The Vampire"

Last night's trip to the silent movies was fairly fun. We are watching the Bird's Eye View Vamp series at the BFI, almost in its entirety, and after seeing Salome on Saturday (from whence the icon), we moved on to the originators of the Vamp role, specifically the star of the movie "The Vampire" and then Theda Barr in one of her first films, "A Fool There Was." For some reason the producers of Bird's Eye decided to have someone do a tap dancing routine in the middle of A Fool There Was, which was distracting and not slightly relevant to the narrative - as well as a bit dull (the girls reciting the poem the painting inspired was amusing, though). We decided we liked the first movie, with its light-hearted touch, better than the second movie, with its intense melodrama - but for me, I liked how "A Fool There Was" depicted what I saw as the world of Marcel Proust, brought live to my eyes, even if the story was different in the end.

The movie got out late and we only had dinner at 9 PM, at Lahore Spice, which also apparently allows you to bring your own (witness the guys splitting a large mixed grill with two cokes and a bottle of Jack Daniels sitting on the table between them). We'll be heading back to tightville after tomorrow's birthday dinner (for Cate) at Wahaca, but fortunately Indian food meals in the neighborhood don't dip too deeply in the pocket.

Tonight it's Pilates and not a whole lot else - then Thursday another silent movie (Alraune) that will end the series for us. I'd really enjoy seeing Pandora's Box on Wednesday but birthday calls!