March 11th, 2009


Everyone has a dream

I know what I want to do in late September now.

EEE! Time to start saving!

Pilates last night was a load of fun. I think next week J and W and I are going to go to the Wednesday night "reformer" class, which will be a load of fun. J's rejoined the gym and what with him riding his bike to work yesterday, the three of us are ALL getting a lot more exercise. I think I'd like to look at rejoining the gym downstairs just to do cardio again, but I wish there was a nicer gym closer by I could use instead..

I'm also considering seeing Don John April 17th at the Battersea Arts Centre. Anyone interested? I'm afraid it's kind of pricy, £22-27, but I'm trying to get details about the pricing structure there as I can also see £10 seats and those are much more my style. LATER: £10 seats are available, though there in the back. Still, works for me!
Sea dragon

Go Jayhawks!

At the Hummous Brother's for lunch today, the guy sitting next to me was talking about the Kansas University basketball team, the "Jayhawks." It made me think of my brother. Apparently the guy is a KU graduate doing a master's degree in London. I bet he and Chris would have had a good year discussing this year's lineup.

What I'm thinking about at work

Well, there's a bunch of stuff, such as, why is my cat's twitter feed more popular than mine? It's the Mafelinoso, I tell you. Otherwise ...

Exercise reduces fatigue ... but moderate exercise does better than strenuous exercise.

Staying in school makes you live longer, even just the difference between 7th grade and 8th grade, and the effect doesn't stop if you go later in life.

Daylight savings time may make you sick.

Being unemployed makes people depressed. Which reminds me, the article/book I wanted to write on "Zen and the art of unemployment" is still needed, as a lot of the book was about managing the depression that comes with being out of work.

And ... Do not eat dumpster cheese.