March 26th, 2009

Sea dragon

Back home from Gilda

It's been an interesting week - much more QNI than I usually go for (I consider an evening trip to the gym essentially QNI so it's been three nights of such). J and I went to the BFI to see Gilda tonight, and, shockingly, ran into someone we knew from Seattle who was sitting on a bench where we sat to eat. And we were there for 5 minutes before she noticed us, and she was the one who recognized us! This was someone J used to go bowling with regularly on Tuesday nights so it was really quite a shock.

Gilda, meanwhile, was fun but very weird. The dialogue was truly classic camp, and Rita Hayworth was looking generally gorgeous, but it was all very strange. I was very sorry booklectic wasn't there, but I am hoping she'll be better before too long.

After the show J and I messed with our two phones and the SIM cards. He copied all of his numbers onto my SIM, and I got the feeling that the reason why my phone said "I see no phone numbers" is because in fact there were no numbers on the card. I don't know how it was that I managed to transfer the numbers onto my other phone and somehow wipe them off the SIM; or maybe ... they were only ever on the Orange card. Which is God knows where. So I guess I can try to pull them back off of my faulty Orange phone, if it will 1) stay on for more than two minutes and 2) copy the numbers to a Tmobile card. It doesn't look likely, really. What ever did I do with that old SIM?

Anyway, I'm home, and I did some dishes, but not all of them because I ran out of counter space. The cat spent some time worshipping me, and now, I think I'm going to finish my Camillieri mystery, though I realize I really need to take a shower, only I can put that off until tomorrow and go to sleep earlier tonight.