March 27th, 2009


I guess I'm ready for the clocks to roll back (or is it forward?)

I've been waking up at a little after 6 every day this week. This is pretty much an hour and a half before I get up and it SUCKS. However, I think the time is changing this weekend, so I should be lined up correctly in short order.

My last hour of sleep was further disturbed by a dream in which I was trying and failing to get on a Eurostar train. The deal was that there was huge lines of people waiting to get on, due to low capacity, and every time I'd clear security, the train that was just about to go would leave, and the guards would FORCE ME BACK THROUGH SECURITY where I'd wait at the end of the line again. By the end of the dream I was trying to sneak through with large families and finally I tried to make the last wild dash for the train on horseback (including a jump on sidesaddle - don't think I could manage that in real life!). The extra irritating deal was that I had been trying to get back home to spend just a few hours with shadowdaddy after a work event, only as I was heading to the train he said it had all turned into quite a boozer and he didn't think he'd be getting home until well after I did. So I woke up already stressed out for the day.

And yet somehow it is Friday. That is good. Tonight I'm going to see Lily Allen. But first, I must get out the door ...