March 28th, 2009


I has a phone!

My new phone has arrived! Unlike every other delivery I've had to sit at home and wait for, this one came EARLY, before 10! This is good because I need to do some shopping (so I can do some baking) and now I'm free to go run my errands.

I am a bit excited, which might make sense to you if you knew how many problems I've been having with my calling people since the old Orange phone took its last, screen-damaging, short fall to the floor of my office (it was about 15 inches and completely inexcusable that it should fatally kill my phone). Basically, the latest replacement phone I bought has this disturbing habit of sending data packets to the web (I don't even know why, it's not the BlueTooth, which I've disabled), and also doesn't have any of my phone numbers. And then I've been on pay as you go for two months, which means I haven't really been calling people or I've been running out of money. And of course there's the saga of "where did my phone numbers go." But now I have a new phone that I can import my old phone number list into and most of my problemsare about to be solved.

And it's not an Iphone. Neenur. It's an Android. It has the Qwerty keyboard I like (and have been doing without, poorly, for two months now, making me feel strangled communication-wise) and feels way more solid than my old phone and is surely able to handle the web-stuff I like to do (i.e. blogging) without dumb stuff I don't need like a GPS.

It's packaged better than about anything I've ever bought - like jewelry or Vosges Haut Chocolates - gorgeous layers of black (cardboard, but still) that I would expect to see a little something "wow" from Toys in Babeland hiding inside instead of a cute little phone and all of its little doo jabbers (like a screen cleaner, think I'll use that on my glasses right now). AND it's got stickers in the box, which is extra great because I have been putting stickers on the plastic casing of my gadgets since my first Walkman back in high school - I like to make these things look like MINE and not just the completely interchangeable plastic thing everyone else has. (This was not true of my Honda Civic, which I let be almost entirely anonymous.)

And I feel like giving it a name, so I'm not saying, "Hey, honey, can you pass me the Android?" or, "Ooh, my Android is vibrating, I think somebody wants me." But what to call it?

Poll #1373569 I has an android

What should I call my phone?

Twiki (from Buck Rogers)
Pris (from Blade Runner)
Maria (from Metropolis)
Other (in comments)

I'm also just generally interested in what the names of other androids (such a C3PO) from movies and literature that I didn't come up with when I made this list. What famous androids can you think of?

Cake bake fake

I found a good recipe for Victoria sponge cake online. I know it's good because I cut a little bit of it out of the edge of the pan - before I turned off the oven and walked away, knowing it would never cook through, because if I didn't leave I was going to miss the show we had tickets for at the Barbican.

I came home, early, because I knew I'd blown the cake and would have to make a new one. The center collapsed. It's depressing. The whole disaster happened because I didn't realize the recipe I had was in no way suitable to the pans I was using and I had to make a second batch of cake to try to make it fit, and ... the time ... AARGH.

Anyway, it's now 10 PM and I am going to try to bake a cake YET AGAIN before I go to bed. I don't know why but when I bake under pressure I make far more mistakes.