April 2nd, 2009

Sea dragon

A nearly perfect day. Alain de Botton, Inferno, Paradiso.

All things considered, there were so many things to recommend about this day that I think it was, on the whole, "nearly perfect."

Good things:
half day at work, actually did some useful stuff while I was there
realized I could squeeze in a lecture before my evening show and bought tickets to same :-)
got to Paradiso on time
shadowdaddy was totally up for taking a nap and skipping paying 20 quid to see art
nap was irresistibly delicious and walk home was gorgeous and sunny
got some new food at Chatkhara (an Afghani kind of biryani) and sweets at Royal Sweets
Alain de Botton was fantastic - made funny points about life (i.e. "There are all of these regulations regarding not having sexual relations with your coworkers at many companies - God forbid you should enjoy sex more than you do trying to get rich")
the biryani stuff was yummy
we found the gorgeous back entry to the Barbican (from Moorgate), which makes it look like a futurist fantasy - I thought "Hanging Gardens of Babylon," J thought "Cloud City"
we were on time for Inferno
we made it home at a decent hour
we're nearly packed

Things that could have made it bad:
Inferno and Paradiso were, um ... not nearly as good as de Botton.
I am having to figure out how to use my two free round trip tickets to Nice in a way that's likely to disappoint someone.
It's after midnight and I haven't finished my review of the shows we saw earlier.

Still, really, that's just not much to complain about! And tomorrow it's Sicily until I've had all of the red wine and marzipan a girl can fit in her. I can't wait!