April 15th, 2009


The candy that tastes like despair

Wow, sparkly conversation hearts, for those who really want to sink their teeth into Twilight. Sometimes it's sad to be completely out of a cultural phenomenon; sometimes it's hysterical.

Uh, I am in a quite good mood today and feeling cheerful, much like I did yesterday. I was really happy to be back in London and back to my normal life, off at Inn Noodle last night and then seeing Birmingham Ballet GO MY LONDON LIFE W00T. Work is mellow right now and rather than being anxious and frustrated, I'm able to just settle into some solid planning for next week and not stress out. Also, it looks like I've got two sets of visitors coming over May and then June, people I am really looking forward to seeing, and I'm pretty happy about that, too. And the ballet last night was a lot of fun. And I have good books to read and the grass is sprouting in my back yard and I saw clematis in bloom down the street from us and some new cookbooks to entertain me. My house looks like a tornado came through it (that being us) and I can't connect to YIM at work, but overall ... exuding spring-like good vibes today. I bet it's because booklectic convinced us to go to Mondello, so even though it was wet outside I was finally able to get an orgone recharge. "Ocian in view! O! the joy!"

The day at work is over

For those of you who read my reviews, I've written up Birmingham Royal Ballet's Mixed Bill that I saw last night with wechsler, includnig the extraordinarily cute and fun "Still Life at the Penguin Cafe." I'm sure they didn't create that ballet especially for Furries but one wonders to what extent they are aware of the interest it might have raised in certain communities. I, for one, found it hard to ignore!

It's been a very quiet day at work, but in keeping with how QA goes I'm going to be slammed the next two days and most of next week.

Tonight J and I are off to the ballet (ROH this time), or perhaps I should say the opera, as we're going to see Wayne Macgregor's Dido and Aeneas. It's actually two operas, with Acis and Galatea (which I haven't seen before) and dance choreographed for the opera. We'll see how I hold up at intermission - I'm just really tired tonight and kind of unmotivated, though I don't want to miss this show. I wonder how much tea I'd need to have to really make a difference ...

Hmm, my throat appears to be swelling, which is not a bad sign. Hopefully I can fight this off like I have the others but my luck has really be running rather too well for me to feel confident about it. Still, my fingers are crossed!