April 16th, 2009


Thinking about yummy food

While we were in Catania, I ordered a bowl of Pasta Alla Carrettiera (Cart-Driver's Pasta). It was garlicky as all hell but we had a hard time figuring what the secret, crack-like ingredient was. I suspected parmesan, though I was pretty sure it also had breadcrumbs in it.

Now I'm looking through recipes online for the magic ingredients, and I'm amazed by how different they are. So far I have
Breadcrumbs, no cheese
Something with tuna fish I'm not going to link to
Ham and mushrooms (not!)
With pecorino but no breadcrumbs
Vodka and cream, no cheese or breadcrumbs
Basil and oregano, but no cheese or breadcrumbs
Fried bread crumbs and anchovies, yuck!
No bread crumbs but with cheese, from a blog based in Palermo
This one has no tomatoes!
One using egg-free pasta (pici) and "aglione"
And finally, one from a Sicilian website I'll want to visit later that has both grated and cubed pecorino

Anyway, all of this is coming up because I'm having company over for dinner and this is what I'm making! I have special gratable ewe's cheese to use (pecorino), but mostly I think garlic garlic garlic is going to make dinner a winner.

BFI for Dr. No tonight, but now I have a feeling it's time for lunch!