April 18th, 2009


Reviewing shows: it's like a job, only one I don't get paid for

I've finished my review of Dido and Aeneas at the Royal Opera House. I'm kicking myself for not taking better notes during the performance, especially since I'm not used to writing about music and can't pull from my memory to flesh this one out very well. Just four days later and WHOOSH! It's nearly all gone.

Now that I've fed the monkey I can get on to housework. Ooh baby. I lead such an exciting life.


Well, five months of good physical health have come to an end. I woke up this morning with my stomach making noises like jet fighters cracking the sound barrier. I initially thought it was hunger, but then come this afternoon I was, er, visiting the ladies' room rather a lot. And I was cold - "why won't the heater come on? It's freezing in here!"

So finally, ten minutes ago, I took my temperature. 101. Bah!

Tonight's plan was supposed to be heading back into town for a party, but I just didn't feel quite up enough for it - and now I'm grateful that, for once, I didn't push myself, and that I had nothing else to do that, say, would have required dealing with non-refundable tickets. They would have hated me having to get out of my seat every 20 minutes.

Next stop: possibly watching the video of Hairspray: The Musical - or just reading a little bit and going to sleep in half an hour, if my stomach will let me. And since I am moving slowly, I took the opportunity to upload a few more pictures of my tea party.


The aspirin has reduced my temperature but I'm utterly exhausted - after spending my entire afternoon pretty much laying on the couch (once I did my gardening).

I'm also well on my way to losing a few pounds. I just had some rehydration salts.

And I'm having sporadic stomach cramps.

With that, at 11 PM on a Saturday, I bid you goodnight. I think I will finish my Charlaine Harris novel ... or just fall asleep in about ten minutes.