April 20th, 2009


Giving up on going out for tonight, too

I felt too wobbly when I woke up this morning to go to work. I thought it might wear off.

Now, though I'm clearly better than I was yesterday, since I've been able to sit up for extended periods of time and am not falling asleep every two hours, I'm still not up to speed, as simply washing a load of dishes tired me out, and to be honest anything besides sitting and reading seems like work. So, given that I have to walk to the tube and then tube for 40 minutes and then walk some more, and then stand for an hour, then repeat the walking and tubing, I'm skipping going out tonight, even though it's something I'd enjoy, the tickets were a present, and we're going to lose the money spent on the seats altogether (grr). Instead, I'll sit at home, drink fruit juice, and finish watching Hairspray. It just sounds better than completely burning myself out before I even get to the thing I'm going to and then spending the evening being miserable and exhausted.