April 26th, 2009

Sea dragon

Just like the Disney and Tom & Jerry cartoons have been sanitized ...

Last night I heard a song that was obviously old and of the 60s style, but which I had never heard before, despite listening to "oldies radio" for years and years ...

"He Hit Me (And It Felt Like a Kiss)." I guess it wasn't even very popular when it came out. Kind of a relief, really.

When it comes to fragile sad sixties music, I much prefer Aphrodite's Child's song "Rain and Tears" song. The video is pretty funny, but the song is great.

Sea dragon

End of the weekend

I'm home from trishpiglet and babysimon's barbeque. It's nice to have friends that live so close.

I've got stuff to do before the night is over, though. Since I don't want to forget, here's the list:
1. Take shower
2. Update resume
3. Pick tenants

And if there's time
4. Hang up summer-type clothes since a)I'm needing them b) they're all over the floor
5. Take in laundry; hang out more laundry
6. Apply for jobs
7. Write review of Dimetos
8. Settle in with trashy novel

That will make for a full evening, I'm sure!

We have found a tenant

I am for some reason really amused to think that a woman who works at Marie Callendar's will likely be moving into our house come May 1st. I want to make it a requirement that she give us a pie every year as part of the rental agreement. We'll know for soon as soon as the references go through.