April 27th, 2009


In some households, it would have been a night of TV

Tonight's big plan was A View From The Bridge, a play I wanted to see because 1) it's Arthur Miller 2) it got a good review somewhere, though I can't remember where anymore.

Well. It turns out it was very good, so good in fact that the forty or so high school seniors in the audience (and in front of us) actually kept reasonably quiet (except during one particularly juicy plot point, when about ten of them started talking to each other), despite the fact that they were such theatrical greenies that before the show they had to be told that you can't just pop in and out to go to the bathroom. Immigration? Teenage sex? Knife violence? It had it all, and it kinda raged through it in a Greek drama way (only better) - with a touch of Sam Spade.

Anyway, a good evening, but I can't say much more about it as I have to hit the hay. Night all. Wish me luck getting those renters approved or May will be known as the month we ate ramen (pot noodle for you English types) for dinner every night.