April 28th, 2009

Sea dragon

Work laffs

Agile team: OMG OMG OMG you must drop everything and do testing as the test data is done at last OMG emergency emergency!
Me: Sorry, I have these two meetings I really can't reschedule or skip, so I can't start for several hours.
Team: ZOMG what will we do what will we DOOOOOO!
Me: You can wait, or have a poke at it. I'll skip the 4 PM team meeting and work on that since it's higher priority.
Team: That doesn't sound good either.
Me: Off to my meetings, see you at 4.
(4 PM)
Team: ZOMG the data is FUXX0red do not do any testing yet! But you can go to our team meeting.
Me: Okay.
(4:30 comes)
Me: is it done yet?
Harried DBA: No.
(6:00 PM)
Me: Right. So I'm going home now.
DBA: It'll be ready for you first thing!