May 1st, 2009


The summer is starting, and the Tiger Lillies are running wild

I just did a post on all of the £10 theater deals available now. The one I'm most excited about is a £10 deal to see the Tiger Lillies at the Soho Theater. I'm hoping to get a group together to so on May 7th, the only free day I have to go as the last day for the deal is May 9th (the day of my recession party). I thought I'd mention it here, though, as I know several people who are on my flist like this group and I wanted to let you know they are in town and can be seen at a very good price!

I'm utterly exhausted today - Peer Gynt ran over three hours (and lost me after the second) and then I had to pack - but I'm off to Durham and a three day weekend tonight! Very excited, really.