May 4th, 2009


Using my computer on the train's WiFI - how novel!

I'm on the train to King's Cross right now, arriving in London in about 2 1/2 hours. It's a holiday in England today, "May Day" bank holiday. I have no idea what it's supposed to be celebrating, really (much like Labor Day in America, which is a day that's all about not working), but I'm not one to turn my nose at a free day off work. My computer is really open so I can work on my resume, which I will be doing for a good hour at least. I've got a cheese scone, a muffin, some really nice cheddar, and some water in my bag, but I'm not the least bit hungry as of yet since I've had another huge breakfast (bacon and scrambled eggs on toast plus lovely thick yogurt). My suitcase itself is overhead, and it's become very heavy, what with the beer, lemon drizzle loaf, and antique plates in it - but it was heavy beforehand anyway as I've got several books in it. As it turned out, we had great weather this weekend so I spent almost no time reading at all.

The landscape rolling by is full of sheep and horses. There are lambs everywhere. The horses seem to be of a much heavier stock than I'm used to seeing - probably better suited to the weather up here. It really is quite a bit colder than it is in London up north.

I wound up reading the "Little House on the Prairie Cookbook" this weekend and it has got me thinking: I really could make my own cheese. I'd have a hard time getting a cooling room set up, but I just bet I could do it. Maybe in the fall I'll check it out; my house gets really cold and the guest room is probably the perfect temperature for aging cheese properly.