May 6th, 2009

Sea dragon

Sensorium ballet review; general stuff

Last night I spent a whole lot of time fretting about my brother being laid off from Microsoft. I have a lot of questions to ask him, but time differences mean they'll have to wait for this weekend. I've been keeping my ear to the ground about QA jobs in Seattle for eight years now and the market is soft, no two ways about it. With Washington Mutual having left the city, the employment market is even softer, and Boeing isn't doing anything to help. That leaves ... Starbucks, Getty, Adobe, Google? Then it's all of the smaller places. *sigh*

My "big" plan last night was to sit down with wechsler to a dinner of roast chicken and mashed potatoes, but the shops didn't have any pre-roasted chickens and I didn't have the time to do it. So it was Thai food. It was J's last night of French class so from her on out I expect my Tuesdays will be much more varied.

I also spent a little more time working on my review of the ballet we went to Monday. Three more shows this week - I expect I'm going to be worn out by the time it's all done.
Sea dragon

Which is better?

So I'm trying to decide against two different icons, taken from the "I'm Glad I'm a Boy/I'm Glad I'm a Girl" book (this illustration, about the least sexist one in the book). I like the idea of "Girls are Heroines!" But how best to express it?

(Full book is here for context, thanks to those who posted links to it.)

This one, with a dog:


This one, with a little kid in the corner:

Which icon is better?

The one with the dog!
The one with the little kid!

And how would you celebrate your anniversary?

Hmm ... the Evening Standard is giving away tickets to see "The Tease Show," about which it says:

"The UK’s most spectacular revue, The Tease Show, returns in all its diamond-encrusted glory to London hotspot Koko from the 11-14 May 2009; bringing with it a tantalizing dose of old-fashioned glitz and glamour. Starring international showgirl superstar and the undisputed queen of British burlesque, Immodesty Blaize, the show back following a sell-out debut in 2008 will once again be compèred by the master of innuendo, Julian Clary."

I realize it would be a non-standard way to celebrate our anniversary (that or Giselle?), but it does sound like it would be a load of fun!