May 9th, 2009

Queen Apple

I has a box of presents!

There is _nothing_ like starting your day off with a box full of great tea and excellent books (carefully chosen for me). This is, of course, on top of getting my early birthday present last night: tickets to the Kirov's Swan Lake in August! ("Had to tell you now so you didn't book the date.")

Man! Theater/ballet tickets, books, and tea - this is pretty much all I would _ever_ want to be given. Nice start to my Saturday!

Of course, now it's time for the gift I can give myself: a nap! Catch up with you later - next stop will be cleaning my house for three or four hours.
Sea dragon

Cleaning for the party

I'm cleaning like mad in preparation for the party tonight. In the spirit of the recession, I've 1) pretended I'm still likely to have a job for a few months and 2) bought lots and lots of booze so my friends can get plastered. My guess is that I could have afforded a vacuum cleaner, which I could really use right now, for the price of the booze, but we've got to maintain our standards, right? I'd never prioritize a clean carpet over a good party any day.
Sea dragon

Party blogging!

I am here with my friends that I moved here to be near¡ And I have tequila!

And I got free tickets to see Tunnel 228 by whinging about it on the internet! I WIN!