May 10th, 2009


Well, bah

I guess the first rule of international calling should always be to set up a time when you'll call so that you'll actually be likely to get them on the line (easy enough to do with the internet yet also easy to forget). Missed out on talking to my brother for this weekend, then ... maybe next time. It's so easy to not talk to someone for months on end if you don't make a huge effort when there are only about four decent hours of overlap in the day and two of them are inevitably when I'm cooking and eating dinner.
Sea dragon

A good weekend with art and games and parties and such

Right, it's after 11 and for some reason I've been spending my time finishing my review of Jordi Savall and the Tiger Lillies when I should be in bed already. I had a great evening playing Agricola with shadowdaddy and wechsler after we'd had dinner (which I cooked) and we came back from seeing Tunnel 228. But no time to describe Tunnel 228, I've got to get myself some sleep, and I have set myself up to need to take a shower tomorrow morning since I didn't take one today! Where are my priorities?