May 11th, 2009


The confidence, it will bring me down

I just made fried chicken and baked mac & cheese.

I am very happy about this because I had no recipes of any sort - I was freestyling all the way.

And it was AMAZING. Like where were irrationalrobot and poh amazing.

I wanted to make it because there's a place (Eataly) near where I work that every day has been laying out this spread of Italian style fried chicken with three amazing veggie side dishes, only it's just a BIT too far for me to get to from work for lunch, especially since I'm trying to do that gym thing in a serious way several days a week which requires eating brown bag at my desk. But I thought, "Geez, chicken fried in breadcrumbs, how hard is that?" And the hard thing is apparently having the patience to wait, though fortunately shadowdaddy had the prescience to ask me if I'd checked if the chicken was done, and it wasn't, it needed another 20 minutes. Anyway, the breadcrumbs were mixed with Johnny's Seasoned Salt ("It's Magic!" it says on the side of the bottle, and it is) and "Krazy Mixed-Up Salt" (from Atlanta), and I just dredged it, I didn't bother with egg or anything. I fried it in a mix of sunflower oil and olive oil, because, you know, the olive oil just starts smoking when things aren't really through cooking.

The mac, well, that was the "medusa" pasta ("8 uovo!") I brought back from Palermo, cooked and mixed with cream, cheddar, and ricotta, baked under a lid for a while, then with some of the leftover breadcrumb/salt mix put on top for the final crust-building, lid-free push. And, damn, the texture was just perfect.

Anyway, I am amazed that it all turned out so well. Just for the hell of it, I also bought a wood pigeon while I was at the butchers. And you know what? If we have a nuclear holocaust, I know where I'll be finding my dinner - on the wing!