May 16th, 2009


A busy Saturday reduced by a cold

Well, I had a bunch of plans today, but first butterbee was feeling ill, then I was feeling ill, so I did less than I thought I would.

I was shivering so hard at one point last night my teeth were chattering. It should have been a clue. After I made the pesto Trapanese and feed my house guests and dinner guests, I went to sleep, exhausted.

Today we went to London Bridge and then Doggetts with lockedindream, and while it was nice to see my friends, I wasn't feeling chatty at all (no surprise) and my sense of exhaustion and headache weren't going away like I hoped they would. J and I went to see the Harp Consort at St. John's Smith Square after that, which was good but kinda did me in.

Now I'm at home and everyone is back and we've had takeaway from Chatkara and I think I'm going to call it an early night.