May 23rd, 2009

Sea dragon

Memorial day weekend (if I were in America) part Saturday

Morning. We've managed to have a great pancake breakfast, outside, natch, thanks to the incredible warm, sunny weather, and I've finished my review of Thursday's Emma Kirkby concert.

Pancakes and bacon outdoors. The start of summer! on Twitpic

Now we're off to Hampton Court Palace. We might make it to the Tate Modern today for the Long Weekend, but what is surely happening is that we are going to come home and I am going to make a big dinner so that I can enjoy the time with my guests as much as possible while they'll still here.
Sea dragon

Butterbee's philosophy of life

"There are people out there who are so afraid of change they wind up letting their whole lives slip away because they were afraid to take a risk."

"You gotta be friends with the people that are there to be friends with you when they're there, because you don't want to let a chance for a really good friend pass you by."
Sea dragon

But will they have sheepdogs herding geese?

I feel ridiculously excited about the prospect of going to the Surrey Country Fair on Monday.

Last night with our house guests - cooked butterbee something special, roast chicken. Except, um, I didn't cook anything, I napped while shadowdaddy (king of risotto) and wechsler did all the hard work. Thanks, guys!

Am now finishing off some red wine and looking suspiciously at the pile of foods on the table. Oh, for a fairy horde to cart them all away. I guess maggots would take care of it over time but it wouldn't get the plates back in the cabinets no matter how effective they are at the other stuff.