May 24th, 2009

Sea dragon

What, you say it's a sunny 3 day weekend and you're not all blogging like mad?

Bid goodbye to my guests this morning and then promptly went back to bed. Have now had pancakes and am thinking about going back to bed again. However, I need to get laundry going, plant things, clean the house, and then, oh, yes, there are the things I actually had planned for today. I am going to see Company at the Union Theatre Southwark at 3 PM, I've got fantasies about going to the long weekend at the Tate, and then there's the party Chez Blondes that I might actually manage to make it to if I can get back home before it's over.

Though, really, what it looks like is the perfect day to go to Brighton.
Sea dragon

Where has my memory gone?

I've been sporadically thinking about people I might want to try to track down on Facebook, and I'm amazed by how much my memory has faded.

The guy I dated for two years (86-88) ... Bob .... Bob ....
The guy I was in a band with who eventually wrote off all of his capitalist scum friends and cut me off circa '96 ... Mike ... Mike ...
The guy I dated for 5 months in '89 who lived in Albuquerque ... oh yeah, I remember his name. *snicker*

But for so many people, it's just all drifted away, and I feel lucky to even remember their first names. The girl who I went out with most Saturdays in high school (Krista?), my first roommate in college (no name at all), my second roommate in college (can't even remember).

The two people whose names I do remember well are Mike Aguirre and Scott Webster Johnson, and yet I can't find them anywhere on the interwebs. How have they managed to slip away from me entirely?
Sea dragon

Lazy holiday Sunday

Sooo .... after going to Southwark to see a play, walking down the Southbank in the sunshine, and stopping by Chez Blondes for a visit, I'm at home eating Indian sweets, drinking "Wechsler juice" (mango lime, long joke) with rum and playing Zombie Fluxx at 10:30 PM. Feels like a holiday Sunday to me. :-)