May 29th, 2009


Review of "Wuthering Heights" ballet done; nice wake up call

Well! The bell buzzed this morning and by golly it was the postman, who never rings twice, but writes a note then runs away. He had for me a package, a very early birthday present from my sister. Wow! Thank you, Amber.

Yesterday was busy in a manic way but I did manage to get my review for Wuthering Heights (the ballet) done. Then it was off to DimZ to meet booklectic, dr_d, and ms_katonic for dinner before Exquisite Corpse (where we were also joined by mirrorshard and ran into steer). The company was good, dinner was fine, but the show was forgettable in my book. I'd say it was a good enough evening overall, though, just sorry I wasn't more awake at the end of the night - something about the sun waking me up at 5 AM the last couple of days, I think.

Then back home and packing for the trip, and yet somehow I managed to get into bed at a decent time (thank goodness). Now it's finish my cup of tea and head to work. Short day today - Nice tonight!