June 1st, 2009


Middle of Nice

Yesterday was a fine and sunny day, and we took advantage of it to visit Entrevaux, a mostly untouched medieval town that seemed like it should be the set for Monty Python and the Holy Grail. The real point of going there wasn't seeing the town so much; it was taking the teeny little train way up into the mountains. We saw all sorts of adorable abandoned (mostly) train stations, old water tanks, ancient side cars, and lots of gorgeous scenery, all along the river Var.Since we were crazy and caught the 9 AM train, we actually got back in time to do something else; in this case, visit the Chagall museum. Unfortunately giant paintings of old testament scenes don't really do it for me; we thus chose to flesh out the lovely sunny day with a visit to Phoenix Park, which looks like it has a brilliant Asian art museum, but which we visited for the flowers, birds, and animals. Unsurprisingly our good weather broke while we were there and a front rolled in, but we got back to the hotel without getting rained on too much - and I got to try Jasmine ice cream.

Today was not really what I was expecting, as wechsler woke up with a fever. I suspect ye olde 24 hour flu. I am also feeling a bit under the weather (just tired, headachey, and congested), so the piles of naps we took today weren't unsurprising. W did rally enough to make it to the Matisse museum, but since he was sitting down in every other room I decided we'd best skip the Roman ruins on site and head back to the flat for some chillin'. When he finally woke up at around 6 he wasn't even energetic enough to walk the three blocks to the beach, and sadly due to some holiday (Assumption? Accession? Ascention?) all of the pharmacies are closed. I do home the paracetamol is helping with his fever, cause that's all we've got.

Thus tonight is quiet. I went out and got some roast chicken takeaway, and I really have no idea what tomorrow will hold. I'm guessing tonight I'll finish my Jo Clayton book and maybe take a shower (woo!); W does't even seem up to a board game, poor thing. And, sadly, there is no internet in the room, so I'm forced to write from the lobby of the hotel. Not ideal, really.