June 7th, 2009


Exhausted? Ill? Allergies?

Dear universe,

Please make my head full of snot go away. (I will keep the head but you can have the rest.)

Also please make brownies come and clean my house. I can promise a saucer of milk, no problems.

Thank you.

Sea dragon

Sunday all over

Man, my battery is just dead, dead, dead. Basically if I come unplugged for about 30 seconds my computer starts to shut down. This is lame.

Today I spent a good two hours cleaning and got the bedroom looking much better. I ran off at 5:30 to see a Diaghilev tribute at the Royal Opera House, which was actually pretty fun. Now I'm going to try to get in bed as soon as possible so that I'm rested up for tomorrow. Ah, work. I wish I was excited about it.