June 9th, 2009


A busy day for my theater blog

I just added about 6 shows that I saw and reviewed in September 2007 to my theater blog.

I also added (and wrote) my review of Phedre at the National Theater, which I saw last night.

Yes, work is quiet today.

I will be going to the gym later. 22 minutes yesterday, 25 today!

And, er, since it's quiet, how about a poll?

Poll #1413299 Tube strike?

So the tube strike. Is it going to happen?

Yes, absolutely!
Still not sure.
No way.

If it happens, how long will it last?

A full day
Both days

Are you or your work doing anything special in anticipation of a strike? If so, what?

Sea dragon

A better end to the evening

Well, the play was grim, but short, and through a miracle the Northern line was still running. When I came home, there was a package of goodies (including a poppied rain coat) waiting for me from lastwordy_mcgee. Now I'm having a fantastic Mango daquiri and playing Boggle with J. Not a bad end to the evening really - in some universes, I'm still on the bus, on my way home.