June 17th, 2009

Sea dragon

Day at a conference

Holy CRAP I am exhausted. Is it because I spent all day in a conference? No, it's because the Master of the Alarm Clock left it set to an hour earlier than normal last night, and only figured it out some time after it had gone out and I had dragged myself into the shower. I _did_ go back to sleep afterwards. I wound up missing most of the first speaker for my conference because of all of this, but I figured it was better to be able to pay attention for most of the day and miss one speaker than to be there for all of it and forget every single thing that happened because I couldn't keep my eyes open.

The conference (a QA conference) was actually pretty good. I say this in spite of the fact that the first two hours were nearly a complete waste of my time. So why is this? Well, of the six talks I heard, four of them were interesting and two of them were actually useful. That's actually really good - I figure one good talk out of a whole day is a good return on value (and it's to be expected that some people just aren't going to be good speakers). I've got a lot to take back to work with me.Walking back from the conference through Regent's Park - it's... on Twitpic

Oh, yes, including this: Friday AM I have a screening interview with Tripadelic. I'm psyched, though I'm worried I'm going to sound like I've spent the last two years mostly rotting. Which, you know, is true, but it doesn't make people want to hire you.

After the conference, I met up with J in Regent's Park (because it's SO pretty there, and the roses are going crazy), then went with him to the Saatchi Gallery. I'd won free tickets off of the Evening Standard (I've got another pair for next Wednesday, let me know if you want them), but, you know, the Saatchi is often so modern it passes me by. We left after an hour and headed back to Tooting, where we gorged ourselves on Karahi Lamb (yes, we do like it hot) and channa masala. Mmmmmm. I love my neighborhood.

Over technologized

I make a lot of jokes about what a Luddite I am but I was just sitting on the couch uploading pictures from my phone, getting a doc I'd written on the Eee from the Eee onto my Wordpress blog, right after finishing my last post from here.

Jesus. I bet they have a support group for people like me.