June 18th, 2009


Today generally bah: send tea

My big excitement for today was going to be my big work lunch early birthday dim sum do (aside from the "wow" of getting my review of English National Ballet's "Ballets Russes" program finished or finishing Whitby Witches, a special treat I'm saving for after work).

Only ... nobody wanted to go. There was a bit of an emergency at work, but of the 8 people who weren't emergenating, none of them could be bothered to leave the building.

So there was J standing at the restaurant at 12:35, waiting for me, and I called to say, "Fuggedabout it, it ain't happening." So we went and took some cheap sandwiches to the park.

Only ... one person did show up, later. And there I was at a park really far away. I felt like a heel.

Then the store guard at Boots told me off for taking a picture of the Nivea products there as there are "no photos allowed in the store." Bullshit, really. I was just trying to enable lastwordy to tell me EXACTLY which one of the Nivea creams she wanted. And as, er, a birthday present, I was going to buy myself some of that Super Anti Aging Cream, Contains Genuine Virgins. Only now it's SCREW YOU Boots, I'm doing my shopping at SuperDrug, even though apparently it will mean I look older, faster.

I've had nothing to do at work today. The build is a piece of crap but it ain't my baby's stinky diaper even if it kept everyone from coming to my lunch. Tomorrow AM is my screen with Tripadelic and I can't wait.

Also, I've got a hankering to go to Salcombe but it takes forever to get there. Wah!

I'm glad I'm going to Pilates tonight. It is really just a very good thing.