July 3rd, 2009

Sea dragon

Let's just keep the ball rolling, shall we?

This has been one of the best weeks in memory. It got off to a great start with a weekend of tremendous lazing about in the garden of my flat, then progressed to (Monday) ballet at lunchtime, being taken out to dinner with shadowdaddy and fed prodigious quantities of white wine, (Tuesday) more dance at lunch, going to a hysterical show with J, wechsler and booklectic at which more white wine was thrust upon me, (Weds) picnic in the park over lunch (my gym membership has expired so laziness has been thrust upon me) then skipping Pilates (Y too hot) in favor of yummy Italian food and red wine, (Thursday) a day in training but NOT at the office, which meant done much earlier, then the evening being fed food and watching True Blood (WOW was there a lot of sex - never watched a cable TV series before), and then today, when lunch was spent chatting with sniperi and dinner will be visiting an American friend of a friend and then watching some ballet (I scored tickets to a sold out show after hitting f5 every ten minutes - yay!).Dropping EU regs against ugly fruit may explain these bizarre... on Twitpic

And I got a package in the mail nearly every day. For some reason I've got a book from Idaho which normally I'd think was an Amazon order, only it's not a book I bought. Has anyone sent me any books lately? If I find out this one is from my mother in law, it's heading straight to the charity shop.

I've whiled away the afternoon fixing automation, wondering about accomodations in Dubrovnik, and generally getting psyched up for the weekend. I hope it goes as well as this week has. Even though it's been really warm, I'm finding there's a lot to like about this summer.

In other news, anyone noticed how quiet LJ has been lately? I come by here to see what's going on and there are tumbleweeds rolling by. I wonder if everyone's moved to Facebook and Twitter? I still don't really get FB but I've gone completely mad for Twitter.