July 19th, 2009

Sea dragon

Barbeque good

Wow, the NY Times' tips for best burgers really worked; good meat with extra fat, fluffy, dimple in the middle, toasted bun. J had 2, I had one. ciphergoth asked where we got them from, and the answer, "We made them" turned out to be correct. Juicy, delicious, the only burger I will likely eat all year.

For sides I had home made fruit salad, the pasta salad with tomatoes and arugula, and a three bean thing I got out of the Silver Spoon (add: chives, lemon juice, olive oil). The sides are left over but the most of the food is all gone.

J went for drink mixing duties afterwards and pitcher number two, dubbed "Honey Rider," was as powerful as promised. Half of my guests left and I was apologizing 20 minutes later for not having said goodbye - only I had already, I'd just forgotten. Damned strong stuff!

Now everyone is gone and I just had a bit of the unserved meat (quick fried thin pounded steaks with a bit of green salsa on top) and am now very full and ready to settle down and watch Priscilla. It was a good weekend overall, I think.