July 20th, 2009


My childhood lives in drips and drops

It suddenly came to me this morning: the so-called "Space Hopper" is what we in the US call a "Hippity Hop. I remember them being quite the desirable thing around the same time as the frisbee ... though I don't think they were both made by Whammo (and they were both later than the Dawn doll, depicted above). Now all I need to do is remember the American phrase for "Bouncy Castle."

What childhood toys do you remember with glee?

Canasta, musicals

I played cards tonight and for three hours straight listened to music from MUSICALS. It was my version of heaven, though short on Doritos and popcorn. And we talked about musicals. And discussed a Chicago themed birthday party. SO excellent.

This means that by the end of today I'd been booked for two musicals in the month of August (one being a return to Forbidden Broadway). And more fun things are on the way.

So, generally, I am feeling very good about today. Is it really Monday? (On the other hand I finished writing a review of the show The Mountaintop, the one about Martin Luther King Junior, today, so it's most assuredly a Monday as I've got no time for this crap on weekends when there is so much socializing to do.)