August 2nd, 2009


A sort of strange Saturday

Yesterday took a strange shape. First, obviously, I wasn't online much. After breakfast, we spent a short time cleaning the house, then headed to the Royal Academy to meet up with souldier_blue and some friends for a visit to the Waterhouse exhibit. I really enjoyed the exhibit; it had some paintings brought back to England from their homes in Australia ("Circe Invidiosa: Circe Poisoning the Sea" and "Ulysses and the Sirens" (actually harpies) stand out), and a bunch of things from private collections that obviously I wouldn't have had a chance to see otherwise. Afterwards, the lot of us (six total) went to the Brioche Doree for lunch.

After that was a slack afternoon at home involving napping, tea, and finally a round of burgers (the rain laid off long enough for J to fire up the grill). We were going to just play games, but wechsler begged off due to a raging headache and unhappy gut ... so we headed over to Chez Blondes for the Transformation party. A few drinks later, I was trying on some of the dresses booklectic and valkyriekaren had brought to the party, shadowdaddy was doing his best Freddie Mercury impression, and I found myself taking all sorts of shots of the cool shoes people were wearing. It was rather a different ending to the night than I was expecting but fun nonetheless and obviously great to see so many of my friends together in one place.

And today, well, not much planned until late today, when J and I are heading to Morden to watch True Blood. Should be great! But in the meantime ... more tea. And maybe I should write up Ghosts as I did enjoy it.