September 13th, 2009

Queen Apple

End of birthday parties

That seemed like quite a success! About 20 people over; bday cake devoured to the pan (rather like piranhas hit); lots drunk; food provided was all well received (2 bries consumed; Edam disappeared; tzatziki evaporated). Last guests left about half an hour ago. I've removed the makeup and cleared the empty bottles out, time to go to bed. Also, notice that no whistling noise when I inhale deeply - a good sign.
Sea dragon

The Swallows of Titmouse hill

Was just dreaming a Silly Symphony like story called "The Swallows of Titmouse Hill," a charming tale involving swallows that swam underwater to hide from a cat, and eventually banded together and moved the church whose steeple they all lived in across a lake by putting little blades of grass in their beaks and using them to pull the church.

Details are fuzzy and getting fuzzier by the second.

My lungs seem cleaner but I'm still coughing. Hopefully I'm getting better. But I can't tell right now since I've only been up for about five minutes.

I am already ten years older than I was three years ago

GAH. Damn this cold. Well, it's not a cold anymore, it's a chest infection, isn't it? I think it's gotten out of my lungs but I guess it's a really nice place for it to live and it doesn't really want to leave yet. I hate how this is killing my energy for anything except for sitting down. Going out and doing anything after my movie? Naaaah! I have important sitting to do, along with breathing. Xrays Tuesday if my lungs aren't cleared up tomorrow.

Today J and I went to see Cruel Story of Youth, a Breathless-like movie about two young ne'er do wells who find love (extortion, violence, rape, abortions, jail, death) with each other. It wasn't really a mood lifter but it was a great view into a Japanese society quite different from the prettified world of Ozu and Naruse. We've got three more weeks of this class about his films and three more movies to see; I have to say I'm curious about what constitutes black humor in his book. The effort of walking to the Tube stop wore me out and I gave up on having more adventures and went home right afterward. Still, I got to spend time with both trishpiglet and heiroglyphe today, so there were some very positive moments in a day that exhausted me so easily.

Tomorrow: up at 6:30 and on a train north for two hours for a three hour long meeting. Woo woo manager girl me. Tonight: dishes, laundry, and home made ice cream. Which will I enjoy most?