September 23rd, 2009


Test conferences and Bach

Most of yesterday was spent at the BCS quarterly testing conference near Regent's Park. Good news was that I had seen the first speaker and was able to get some desperately needed extra sleep in the morning. Better news was that the last speaker, Fiona Charles, gave a great talk ("Soft Skills for Testers") that wasn't just useful to share with the other QA people at my office but also directly relevant to my new position. She recommended a book, "Games Mother Never Taught You," that I need to pick up ASAP as I need help dealing with office politics.

Then it was off to Wahaca for dinner and then to the Linbury space at the Royal Opera House to see The Goldberg Variations danced (my review here). Fortunately the piece just involved playing the music straight through (mostly) so I was only out until about 9 and made it back home by 10 PM. I'm afraid with as early as I'm getting up for work, short shows on weeknights is the best I can do. Lots of these coming up, though: tonight is An Inspector Calls, 1:45 from curtain up to end of show. Of course, I'll have to write my review up afterwards, but if I remember to bring the Eee I should be able to manage it with a minimum of lost sleep.