December 16th, 2009


Treats in the cold

Oh BRRR it was so cold last night that I couldn't sleep. I curled up next to J as tight as I could but it wasn't enough, even with three blankets on the bed and me in flannel jammies. I eventually gave up and turned the heater on - I usually don't leave it on overnight but I think the two or three hours it is on (it's on a timer and doesn't actually have a thermostat) wasn't enough to put a dent in the cold last night. At any rate, I finally fell asleep, but I feel short this morning even though I was in bed at 11 last night.

Monday night I was digging around for some onions under the sink and found the amaryllis bulbs I stuck under there (in their pots) months and months ago have sprouted! Surprise! It was a real treat for me, I jumped up and down and generally acted like a little girl. And last night I dreamed about seeing my garden in spring when I'll get to see the results of all the hard work I put in over October and November.

After work yesterday J, Amy, W and I all went to Wimbledon to see Pamela Anderson debut in a panto. While she was what enticed me to go, in fact the big highlight was Brian Blessed (King of the Hawkmen in Flash Gordon) as the evil sorcerer. He was truly fantastic - made for panto, I think - over the top and lots of jokes about his previous movie roles, and a great voice (and laugh) for the role. I think the show was in general too expensive at 30 quid a pop (I'm guessing the piles of group bookings there meant cheaper seats could be had, if you could buy ten at a time), but it was a good night out. Still, I think the Hackney Empire's panto (which I'm seeing next Tuesday) will once again win the crown for best panto. That said, I enjoyed myself so much I'm trying to figure out how to sneak in a trip to the Lyric Hammersmith's "Jack and the Beanstalk." I've never seen it as a panto and I'd really like to ...