December 24th, 2009

Christmas tree

Working from home today - Hackney Empire Aladdin review

I am working from home today, if by "working" you can understand me to say "at home." I am going to do a little work in just a bit. I told my boss I needed to stay home to collect a package, and, to my surprise, a package did show up just a few minutes ago (thanks, irrationalrobot and wordknitter!). I have also tried my best to catch up on some sleep and started out my semi-awake time making French toast out of sourdough cranberry bread: really great, all things considered. I also made ham, sausage, and bacon, because we've stocked up anticipating the shops to be closed tomorrow.

The week's been awfully busy so far. Monday I worked in a retail branch of my esteemed employers, then made my way in the snow to the BFI to watch The Red Shoes with booklectic and shadowdaddy. It was a truly great movie, at least if you like ballet and enjoy seeing places you go to regularly as they were fifty years ago (i.e. Covent Garden and the Royal Opera House). BTW my day in the office was really unpleasant as I didn't have enough work to do and pensioners kept telling me off for not being behind the counter - a sight they didn't really want to see as I'm not trained on the point of sale system AT ALL and it was hardly the time to start training me. I was glad that was done, I tell you. At least since I was in Wandsworth I got to do a little shopping over my lunch break.

The next night (after work) was the Hike to Hackney and a trip to the Hackney Empire to see their Aladdin. I had a fantastic time (my writeup here) and was thrilled to have lovelybug and bathtubgin there as well as trishpiglet, babysimon and shadowdaddy. Hackney always does the best panto ever and I felt like I was 8 myself watching it. However, getting back home was a slog and since I was supposed to be at work at the normal time, I was in sad shape yesterday and not really on for the "Sandy Toksvig Christmas Cracker." At least I got some fake battery operated candles to take home as a souvenir.

Note: Hackney Empire's Aladdin is GREAT. Go see it.

And now - I need to do some work, and wrap some presents, and do my best to enjoy wechsler's company before he heads to his sister's house. Possible we'll all play a game this afternoon - it would be really nice, given how cold and damp it is outside. But first I must actually do some work!