January 1st, 2010

Bubble T

A new year without resolutions

Pictures from Istanbul are on FB. If you haven't added me there and want to see them, I'm "TL" and my last name. Comment if you need help finding me. I'm not going to also upload them here as it's just too much work to do both.

Hmm. I thought about resolving to get a UK driver's license, but I don't know if I want to drive here. I thought about resolving to read more books, and hey, I can do that, hopefully 50 this year though that's not really stretching it as I read 47 books this year while making very little effort. The first book of the year is going to be "Their Eyes Were Watching God," as I am hoping to continue to read more classics - I read both Jane Eyre and Wuthering Heights this year and enjoyed them immensely. Tube travel really does give you a lot more time to read and I am enjoying this chance to expand my literary horizons. Thanks so much to all of my high school literature teachers for giving me the educational basis that let me be able to read these kind of books for pleasure. Unfortunately Tristam Shandy didn't make the cut as "reading for pleasure" but, oh well, maybe another decade it will work for me.

Last year was one of the lowest on record for me. I cried at least weekly for the first four months of the year. I would like this year to see a lot less crying, a lot less of the "can't get off the couch, can't get motivated to get out of bed" depression. I am expecting it is still going to be a fairly rough year for me, though, due to the hangover of last year's bad (why do you think my back is wound up so much it twitches?), so I guess I will "resolve" to try to keep my shit together while the bad has its impending explosions while simultaneously working to keep the damage as limited as possible.

My happiest memory of last year is undoubtedly going to Madeira with wechsler, and I'm hoping to have a similar lovely time when we go again at the end of this month. I would resolve to travel less this year, but ... a lot of times I left to get some mental space from the situation here and I know it was good for my head to leave. I realized while in Turkey that I will have gone out of the country every month August to January and that actually it's all a bit tiring and expensive and perhaps I will choose to do something more like every other month for 2010 - living so close to so many fantastic things, it's hard not to want to dip in. But I kind of would like to save up to buy a house, and that will require spending less, and it does still all add up, and and and. We'll see. I still want to see Iceland and Riga, and I want to visit my sister in July, so there is some traveling yet to happen. And Greece was really nice.

On the good side of 2009, I said, "Hey, my job sucks, I want a new one," and BOOM I was offered a job less than a week later. There was some faffing about doing other interviews and waiting to get my paperwork approved and such, but it came right down to: Thursday, submit resume; Monday, screening interview; Tuesday, interview and "we want to hire you if you can jump through the other hoops." It's almost embarrassing for me because so many of my friends and family are struggling for work, but this was practically dropped in my lap. On the other hand, after six months of struggling at Tango Foxtrot and receiving an effective "field demotion" to burger flipper, suddenly I've got a job that actually challenges me in ways I feel like I've been trying to get for years. My opinion matters and I can really make things happen. It's a job I don't think I could have got back home, and it's a job I think will open the doors to the rest of my career when I've finally had my fill of it. That, really, was the star accomplishment of this year; getting out of a dead-end job and into a really good one. I wish such luck to all of you who are out of work: J, C, M, Ms. B, A, and there is a lot more of you whom I can only refer to by your LJ handles, but my fingers are crossed that more jobs will start happening somehow.

I would also like to see less plays that I don't enjoy, and more movies. This can be solved by seeing less plays period and going to more movies (I only saw 14 movies this year, a low since I've been recording them on my blog). I'll be getting that off to a roaring start this year by hitting up the Ozu festival in January and February at the BFI - at least half of the movies they're showing weren't a part of the Northwest Film Forum's Ozu festival four/five years ago so I've got a lot of holes to fill in. Pity I haven't found a Japanese film buff to drag along to them with me but hey, at least the movies are happening.

And with that: on to watching a movie of some sort on Ye Olde Wide-Screen Computer. Go team lazy. And happy new year to all of you.