January 7th, 2010

Sea dragon

Not going to the Wellcome tonight

I have decided in light of the ice and such that today is probably not a good day for going into town if I don't have to (and I don't as I can take my 12:30 - 5:30 meeting as a phone conference), so I am going to postpone going to the Wellcome for another, less icy day. I figure the people who were going to join me might have likely avoided going into town anyway; will contact each of you to confirm.
Sea dragon

This one is for Mr Tumnus

I'm changing to this icon until the ice melts outside, or March, whichever suits.

The good news: I went to the doctor to have my blood pressure read, and it was 130/90 on the first try, much better.

The bad news: I slipped on the ice and fell _on my tailbone_ on the way out of the clinic. Bending over hurts now. Leaning forward hurts now.

Thankfully, I'd already planned on working at home for the rest of the day - I'm glad not to have to go out and deal with this any more. If only people would shovel their sidewalks as a matter of routine, we wouldn't get four inches of ice built up. But I don't have a snow shovel, and they don't sell them anywhere that I've seen, and so no one does it, and so people get hurt.

Now I'm going to put some cornbread in the oven to go with my home made soup lunch and get ready for being intelligent at 12:30. I think doing some more laundry (the trousers I've worn for the last five days can probably walk in on their own, and the tall socks are also needing replenishing) is also in the cards.