January 8th, 2010


Ozu update

I'm missing Tokyo Chorus and Walk Cheerfully tonight. I don't know if I would have had the energy to see both, but bah. I hate thinking I'm missing a movie that will never come back again, and Japanese silents are highly elusive. Apparently the last Ozu festival at the BFI was in '88 or something; I may have to wait rather a while for these two films to get revived. Or, hey, maybe the BFI will put them out as DVDs. It could happen.

At any rate, I've spent the time tonight going over the February Ozu festival schedule and have the rest of the shows and dates picked out.

3 Feb Wed 6:30: There was a Father
4 Feb Thu 6:20: Hen in the Wind
6 Feb Sat 3:20: Early Summer
7 Feb Sun 6:20: Brothers and Sisters of the Toda family
9 Feb Tue 6:10: Late Spring
12 Feb Fri 6:20: Munakata Sisters BAILED
20 Feb Sat 6:20: Equinox Flower BAILED
21 Feb Sun 3:20: Wutai Jiemei (actually this is a Chinese movie which I'm seeing to celebrate Chinese New Year but I thought I'd add it in)
22 Feb Mon 6:20: End of Summer
24 Feb Wed 6:00: Early Spring
27 Feb Sat 4:00: Green Tea Over Rice

That should keep me busy enough ...