January 10th, 2010

Sea dragon

My weekend so far

I have been moving slowly thanks to my injured coccyx. Work on Friday was mostly a six hour long meeting (that had it's half hour break become a two hour break thanks to us being so damned efficient); I was grateful to sit.

That evening wechsler brought curry over to my house and we then watched My Neighbor Totoro, which he had never seen. For that and because of the unending snow, I post this picture:

Today was some mighty mighty slacking followed by a trip to the BFI to watch an Ozu movie, "Where Now Are the Dreams of Youth." The BFI did a bad job of providing any sort of plot summary, so I'll say this: it's about a guy who went to school with three friends and then was suddenly promoted to company president after his father's death. He winds up hiring all of his friends to work at his company, then discovers that their friendship is inexorably altered because of their working relationship. A girl becomes a sticking point.

I enjoyed this movie far more than "I Flunked, But ..." though it had a scene of the boss beating one of his friends that I found downright harrowing. It really captured the horrible situation of being stuck in a job and terrified of losing it because of your financial responsibilities.

Once we got back to Tooting, we headed to Chez Blonds, where trishpiglet made us a lovely dinner. We spent the rest of the night talking shit and watching some TV, in this case the Gok Wan show and "The IT Crowd." Pithy commentary on Twitter. Anyway, it's after 1 now, so night, all.
Sea dragon

Dream seem meaningless

Last night I dreamed a very rich man in his 50s was trying to get me to marry him. "You'd be perfect. In fact, I've already chosen you." He went on and on about how much money he had and how much jewelry I'd get to wear and basically how he knew I wasn't going to say no so he was going to just keep hammering on me until I said yes. I kept saying no and then finally stood up and told him off for not understanding what I value at all, and the one thing I valued the most was MY FREEDOM.

Not sure what all of this means but I bet it had something to do with watching that Gok Wan fashion show last night.