January 12th, 2010


What? You say you want to publish me?

I got a comment on my theater blog yesterday asking me if I'd like to be published in a real-live print magazine. Wow! I was kind of excited but then of course I realized they weren't offering to pay me anything for it.

Here's the email they sent me:Collapse )

So ... if they're trying to make a profit, I don't think it's right for them to just use them for free. On the other hand, if this is some high school student project, maybe they're only doing it for a couple of months and won't be doing it for very long and the profit is very little anyway.

What do you think? Should I go for it? And if so, should I use my real name, or a variant thereof, to preserve the anonymity of my online, theater-reviewer identity? Should I say yes even though they clearly don't intend to pay me? What if they never intend to pay me? Should I do it on a trial basis and see if 1) they make money 2) they become willing to pay? What's the advantage to me given that I don't make any money on my site any way?

Meanwhile, I'm spending the day in Chesterfield for work, and I need to get off of the couch so I don't miss my 8:50 train.